Mar 23, 2019 18:28 Asia/Tehran

In the third day of Nowruz holidays, the First National Festival of Nowruz Rituals themed 'Kermanshah, the Capital of Iranian Nowruz' started in the Taq-e Bostan Historical Site in Kermanshah, west of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Head of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Kermanshah's governor general, representatives of Kermanshah Province in the Majlis (Iranian parliament), and some national artists and literary figures were present in the opening ceremony of this festival, Iran Press reported.

In the opening ceremony, the Kermanshahi artists performed music pieces using Daf (a large Middle Eastern frame drum used in popular and classical music). They also performed traditional Kurdish dance (known as Halparkah).

Some 10 ritual-affiliated groups from different parts of Iran and 5 indigenous groups from Kermanshah will exhibit Iranian ritual traditions on the occasion of Nowruz in this festival, which continues for 7 days (up to March 30th). 103


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