Mar 20, 2019 19:14 Asia/Tehran

Iranian people celebrate Father's Day on Wednesday, March 20, by visiting their fathers to honour them and express gratitude for father's positive role and contributions in their lives.

Iran Press/ Iran News: In Iranian calendar, The Father’s Day coincides with the birth anniversary of Shia Muslims’ first Imam Ali (a.s.) which is Rajab 13 in Hijri calendar (the seventh month of the lunar calendar).

Imam Ali is the father of other eleven Shia Muslim imams, and birth anniversary of his wife, Fatimah (sa), daughter of the Muslims’ Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) is celebrated as Mothers’ Day in Iranian calendar.

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In Iran, it is a day to honour the place of fathers in the family and to celebrate the prestige of fathers. In Islam, parents are given a high status, and the Holy Quran has frequently urged the Muslims to honour, respect and obey their parents.

In addition to the religious teachings, father is one of the pillars of the family in Iranian culture. Father's Day is a national holiday in Iran. Many seek ways to ways to express their gratitude and honouring their fathers for having a positive impact on their lives. They take the opportunity to spend more time with their fathers and grandfathers, often expressing their gratitude and paying respects with flowers and gifts.

Father's Day is celebrated worldwide on a variety of dates to recognize the contribution of fathers and fatherly figures to the lives of their children. Iranians believe, irrespective of one's age, the father is someone who is always there to trust and depend on.

Fatherly figures can include fathers, step-fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and even other elder male relatives like older brothers. 212/ 105

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