Mar 17, 2019 14:59 Asia/Tehran

Tabriz (IP) - The head of women's fraction of the Iranian parliament has described Parvin Etesami, an Iranian poet, as a source of pride and honor for the great nation of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: The head of women's fraction of the Iranian parliament Zahra Saei in an exclusive interview with Iran Press stressed that Parvin Etesami is considered an honor for the Iranian nation. The poetess who came from Azerbaijan province and whose poems have been translated into many different languages.

The top MP explained that at a time when so many Iranian women were deprived of enjoying higher education Etesami was brought up in a family with a big cultural and literary profile so that she could express her ideas in the form of poetry.

Saie described Etesami as an eloquent and skillful poet, who had pictured the social themes through timeless couplets which can be used for so many years.

Saie's remarks came on the sidelines of Parvin Etesami international festival held in Tabriz the most populous city in northwestern Iran on Saturday afternoon. The event was attended by the Professors of the Persian language and literature from Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Bangladesh.

Parvin Etesami (also written Etesami) was a 20th-century Persian poetess.  Parvin Etesami was born in 1907, in Tabriz. She left Tabriz for Tehran with her family, in 1912 and lived in Tehran. She learned Arabic and Persian literature from her father and accompanied literature meetings when she was six. Her toys were books. She composed her first poem in classical style, at age eight. She knew most Iranian poets when she was eleven years old.

She passed high school in Tehran. She worked as a librarian at Tehran University and refused the opportunity to commence in the royal court. Her first collection of poems was published in 1935 and she received 3rd degree Medal of Art and Culture in 1936. Her poems had social, humanity, learning and mystic concepts.  103/211/203


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