Feb 23, 2019 09:42 Asia/Tehran

The great naval military exercise 'Velayat 97' entered it's second day with surface, sub-surface, and aerial units displaying their might in the Sea of Oman and Northern Indian Ocean.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian naval forces departed from the port of Jask on Friday, as a large scale three-day naval exercise began in the Sea of Oman, code named 'Velayat 97'.

The newest additions to the Iranian fleet, the recently unveiled Fateh submarine and Sahand destroyer take part in the drills, which are being held in an area of over two million square kilometers: from the east of the Strait of Hormuz to the Gulf of Oman and the northern parts of the Indian Ocean, down to the 10-degrees latitude, Iran Press reported.

Today, the Iranian Navy also launched missiles from Ghadir-class submarines towards ships on the surface in 'Velayat-97' naval military exercises.
Iranian Navy launched missiles from Ghadir-class submarines
Iran launches missile in Velayat 97 naval drill
Missiles from Ghadir-class submarines have been launched

A spokesman for the naval exercises, Admiral Hamzeh Ali Kaviyani said, 'Velayat-97' naval exercises are carried out in a vast area which covers the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of Oman to the Indian Ocean. 101/211/202


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