Jan 16, 2019 14:52 Asia/Tehran
  • IRIB chief criticizes detention of Press TV anchor

IRIB chief blasted US for illegal detention of Press TV anchor on unspecified charges.

Iran Press/Iran news: Abdulali Ali-Asgari said on Wednesday that Marzieh Hashemi, a journalist and anchor working for Iran’s English-language Press TV television news network, has been detained and imprisoned in the United States for unspecified reasons.

Ali-Asgari added that Hashemi arrested for her Islamic, libertarian and revolutionary thoughts, Iran Press reported.

Pointing out the US dual behavior towards freedom of expression added that dual behavior is in the essence of the US government.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman also condemned the Washington government for arresting Marzieh Hashemi, a US-born Iranian journalist, upon her arrival in the US.

Bahram Ghassemi said that the arrest of the American Muslim citizen without any excuse and humiliating and treating her inhumanely is a typical example of the behavior of an apartheid regime with its non-white citizens.

The spokesman said the Islamic Republic calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Ms Hashemi and the due observance of her rights. 

Marzieh Hashemi, a journalist and news anchor working for Iran’s English-language Press TV television channel, has been jailed in the US for unspecified reasons.

Press TV has learnt that Marzieh Hashemi is being held at a detention facility in Washington DC although no formal charges have been brought against her up to now.

Relatives had been unable to contact her for over 48 hours, and only recently learnt about her detention. 101/202


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