Nov 14, 2018 14:38 Asia/Tehran

The representative of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Iran, Nasser Abu Sharif, has said the Islamic Ummah is rising against countries that support the Zionist regime.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Despite the turmoil in the region, we see the Islamic Ummah rising against countries that support the Zionist regime, and those countries which are trying to normalize their relations with the regime," the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Iran, Nasser Abu Sharif noted on Wednesday in an exclusive interview with Iran Press

Nasser Abu Sharif made the remark in the sideline of an international conference of Iranian and foreign publishers in Tehran.

"Today, the majority of Islamic Ummah are fighting against the Zionist oppressive regime and they are carrying out efforts to develop and hope that the future belongs to the Islamic Ummah, "Nasser Abu Sharif added.

In further remarks, the representative of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement said: "We will resist the Zionist regime which is trying to disintegrate the Ummah. One example is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran is in fact an Islamic country which has been shaped and established for human freedom. We see that the Zionist regime is fighting against Iran for nearly forty years in political, military and economic levels."

Nasser Abu Sharif continued by saying: "Turkey is another example which is both Islamic country and a member of NATO. But just because Turkey is an Islamic country, the West blocked its' economic development. All of these are happening just because Israel wants to be on its' feet and to disintegrate the Islamic Ummah." 101/201


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