Nov 11, 2018 09:49 Asia/Tehran

Iran becomes the 2018 Champion of Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup. Iran beats Russia 4-2 in the final match to win the championship in Dubai.

Iran news: According to Iran press, Iran have won the 2018 Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup in Dubai on Saturday to pick up the trophy for the second time, after a 4-2 victory over Russia in the final match.

The Iranian side had a quick start and took the lead just over 2 minutes into the match when Mostafa Kiaani headed the ball into the net.

The 2nd came a few minutes later when Mohammad Massoumi Zadeh scored from close range. And Iran’s goalkeeper Hamid Behzad-pour made it 3-nil before the break rippling the net with a long range screamer.

The Russians pulled a goal back in the 2nd half but Massoumi Zadeh scored his 2nd goal of the night to put the match beyond reach. Russia scored their 2nd goal later on but it was too little too late.

Russia came into the final on the back of a historic victory against Gilberto’s Brazilians, putting a brutal end to an unbeaten run of 66 games, which had spanned several years.

Iran have made it to the finals of the Cup, after a deserved 3-1 victory over Egypt in semifinal.

Iran have kicked off their campaign at the International Beach Soccer Cup, with an 8-1 thrashing of Team USA.

Eight teams (Spain, Brazil, UAE, Egypt, Iran, Russia, Tahiti and USA) divided in two groups participated in the prestigious Intercontinental beach soccer tournament in Dubai. 204/103

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