Oct 13, 2018 17:44 Asia/Tehran

Iran's sports and youth minister, Masoud Soltanifar, has emphasized that Iran's national teams and sportsmen and sportswomen should only use Iranian-manufactured sporting equipment, sports gear, clothes and accessories.

In an interview with Iran Press on Saturday, Masoud Soltanifar the Minister of Sports and Youth referred to designation of this year as the year of supporting manufacturing industry and supporting Iranian-manufactured goods, by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and emphasized that a lot of effort is being placed in promoting Iranian-manufactured sporting products. 

Soltanifar added: "We did our best to focus on producing domestic Sport Equipment with whatever tools we have at our disposal, and also so that our national teams could use Iranian-produced sporting equipment, sports gear, clothes and products."

Commenting on Iranian sporting delegations sent to Asian Games and Para Asian Games 2018, Saoltanifar said: "Regarding our Asian and Para Asian caravans, there were many suggestions to supply the Sportswear and equipment from foreign companies but we preferred using domestically-produced sports equipment and sports gear, which are of a very high quality."

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