Oct 13, 2018 16:38 Asia/Tehran
  • An Iranian diplomat warns about the danger of terrorist groups for Central Asia

An Iranian diplomat has warned about the danger of terrorist groups for Central Asia after their defeats in Iraq and Syria.

Iran Press/Asia: Deputy of foreign minister, Morteza Sarmadi has made the remarks in a meeting with chief executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah on the sidelines of the 17th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Dushanbe on Friday.The two officials exchanged the latest developments in bilateral ties.

Referring to the security situation of the region and transfer of terrorists from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan,Sarmadi said: "We consider Afghanistan's security as our own security and we will not spare any assistance to confront them (the terrorist groups)."

"The US and certain regional states have been witnessed attempting to transfer the terrorists from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan after their failures in the two countries" he added.

Chinese premier warned about unilateralism at this summit saying that "As we speak, the international landscape continues to be complicated by rising uncertainties and destabilizing factors, a weak world economic recovery, growing trend toward unilateralism and protectionism, flare-ups of regional hotspots, and worsening terrorist and other non-conventional security threats. In this context, SCO member states face both the arduous task of development and challenges to security and stability".  

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