Oct 10, 2018 16:50 Asia/Tehran

The Austrian ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran has said his country is ready to cooperate with Iranian police on a range of issues.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Stefan Scholz, Austria's ambassador to Tehran described the 9th meeting of Iranian police forces with ambassadors, charge d'affaires, and representatives of international organizations, as important and useful. 

Scholz who was talking on the sidelines of the meeting said, we have online cooperation with Iranian police and this meeting helps us to expand our relations.

Scholz who is also the local representative of European Union added, we have two messages for Iranian officials. First, we are very very grateful for that the Iranian police protects our embassy in Tehran. Secondly, Austria and EU are looking to expand their relations with Iranian police. 

He expressed hope that the collaboration with Iran will continue in future.

The 9th meeting of the Iran Police with ambassadors, chargé d'affaires, and representatives of international organizations was held on Wednesday morning in Tehran, with Iran's Chief of police Hossein Ashtari delivering a keynote speech.


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