Sep 15, 2018 19:17 Asia/Tehran
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Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, in a statement on Saturday asked French authorities to punish those who attacked Iran's embassy in Paris.


Iran Press/Irannews: Reacting to the Friday attack on the embassy, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said the French authorities should inform Iran of any action they take to bring the attackers to justice, and Iran expects those responsible to  be prosecuted legally and punished.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman also emphasized that Iran will probe the attack and in particular, focus on the absence of French police at the scene of the incident. 

Ghasemi said after numerous follow-ups, eventually French police turned up at the scene and managed to arrest "several of the attackers".

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman pointedly added: "The responsibility for providing security for Iranian diplomats and diplomatic missions in France lies squarely at the feet of French authorities. The host country is responsible for providing security".

Ghasemi said the perpetrators were a few anti-Iranian protesters who intended to invade the embassy building, but started to throw objects and stones at the building and cause damage when they failed to break into the compound. 

Ghasemi added: "Unfortunately and in spite of our natural expectations, the French police were very slow to respond to this incident, and no police officers were present when the militants and terrorists attacked the embassy compound".

Members of Kurdish terrorist group, Komalah, attacked the compound of the Iranian embassy in Paris on Friday evening, with no reaction being shown by the French police.

The Komalah is an Iraqi-based terrorist organization which has carried out assassinations in western Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

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