Sep 08, 2018 21:09 Asia/Tehran

The head of ports and maritime organization of Iran, Mohammad Rastaad, has detailed the efforts his organization is making to enhance the safety of navigation in and out of Iranian ports , as well as protection of the marine environment.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Saturday, the head of ports and maritime organization, Mohammad Rastaad said:  "We have our own dredger fleet, which have been tasked with deepening of the access channel , and the port basin, in order to improve the safety of navigation for ships approaching or departing Iranian ports.

In further remarks Rastaad said: "We have a system of aids to navigation, including light-houses and buoys, and vessel traffick system, and maritime communication systems. This is another part of the ports and maritime organization, which supports safety of navigation. We do a continuous hydrography of the waterways to ensure depth of the water is sufficient to receive the ocean-going ships calling at Iranian ports."

Rastaad added:  "At the same time, we are carrying out search and rescue operations. Many search and rescue boats are deployed in various regions of the Iranian coastline, south and north. On average we rescue about 400 sailors annually, using our maritime search and rescue operations. As far as our efforts to preserve the marine environment is concerned, we take action to reduce or eliminate pollution by ships altogether, and at the same time, we have the necessary equipment, adapted from military hardware,  to carry out anti-pollution operations."

 The head of ports and maritime organization went on to say:  "The  ports and maritime organization follows the goals of  IMO (International Maritime Organization ) clearly , and we are trying to hone our skills, and improve our capabilities to enhance the safety of navigation, and protect the marine environment."

Asked to comment on the IMO, Mohammad Rastaad said:  "The theme of the 70th anniversary of establishment of the IMO is 'better shipping for a better future'.  I think it is a very wise theme which has been chosen by the IMO.  Because of the dependency of human beings on maritime transportation, when we improve the safety of navigation, and protect the marine environment , it helps smooth running of maritime operations, which benefits the entire humanity, not just the IMO itself. It provides for better health and welfare for all of humanity".