Aug 19, 2018 20:49 Asia/Tehran

An Iranian parliamentarian, has praised Iran's higher education system , saying it is the best in the Middle East.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Sunday, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, a spokesman for the education commission of the Majlis ( parliament ) , said:  "Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ranked number one in the MIddle East , and 16th in the world, in terms of higher education and research".  

In further remarks, Dr. Zahedi described the scientific advancement of Iran in recent years as 'unbelievable' , saying since 2008 Iran's scientific and technological advanceememnt has been 11 times the world average scientific growth , arguing that the close liaison and links between Iranian universities, Iranian industry, and hi-tech companies.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi,  said after the Islamic revolution , a scientific revolution took place in Iran , propelling Iran forward in both innovative science and technology.

Commenting on the future, the senior Iranian MP said by supporting hi-tech companies, science and technology parks,  start-up companies,  and research in applied sciences and pure sciences, we can further upgrade our higher education system.