Aug 09, 2018 19:55 Asia/Tehran

The Closing ceremony for the 10th medical sciences Olympiad was held at Iran's university of medical sciences in Tehran. Iran's deputy health minister in charge of medical education attended the ceremony.

According to an Iran Press report, commemorative plaques and various prizes were awarded at the ceremony to top individuals and groups of students who were ranked in the top three at the Olympiad.

An announcement was made by Ebrahim Kalantar, the executive secretary of the Olympiad, who said students were assessed in six disciplines;  namely: (1) Clinical reasoning  (2) Medical philosophy  (3) Contemplation of basic sciences (4) Job creation in universities of the third millenium  (5) Medical education  (6) Management of health.

Kalantar said:  "The Olympiad itself was in two stages. In the first stage, over 7000 university students took part.  Out of this total, 540 students were selected to go through to the second stage of the competition.  All 540 of those who went through to the second stage were awarded a 3000000 Touman prize to further their research.

In addition a total of 20 gold medals, 41 silver medals and 52 bronze medals were given to top groups and individuals at the medical sciences Olympiad.