Jul 30, 2018 08:50 Asia/Tehran

The 5th seminar of Persian language known as "Persian Sugar" was held with the participation of 107 professors and students from 13 different countries in the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication.

The meeting was attended by  head of the Saadi Foundation ,Gholamali Hadad al-Adel, head of the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkman, and students of 107 faculty from 13 different countries.

Participants from Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Tunisia, India, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Denmark, Serbia, Syria, Albania, Uganda and Kenya participated in the ceremony and spoke about their views about Persian language.

People who have participated in this seminar in coordination with the cultural departments of Iran and the Saadi Foundation,learn reading, speaking, writing and listening skills of persian language and become familiar with it's teaching techniques.

Cultural programs to familiar foreign professors with Iranian culture included visiting Chitgar Lake, Golestan Palace, Azadi Tower and Milad Tower, carpet city, Ghazali Cinematic Town, Ancient Iran Museum, religious places of religious minorities and travel to two provinces of Semnan and Isfahan.

It is worth mentioning that 25 of the participants in the education courses in Saadi Foundation are Iranian professors.