Jul 08, 2018 16:17 Asia/Tehran

The head of ICHHTO (Iran’s Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization) has emphasised that tourism can generate dozens of jobs, and is important for the economy.

Ali Asghar Mounesan , vice president and the head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization ,  (ICHHTO) in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, has emphasised that tourism can create dozens of new job opportunities , in a short period of time, with "the least amount of investment". He said jobs created in the tourism sector tend to be related to small businesses, and these have a real impact on the local economy, and the jobs can last for a long time.

Mounesan's comments were made on the sidelines of an  MOU signing ceremony, between Iran's ministry of Labor and  ICHHTO,  with Ali Rabiie,  the  minister of labour, taking part in the ceremony. 

Munesan said the signing of the  MOU will pave the way  for creation of more than 50 jobs, with university   graduates in many disciplines can turn to Tour operating  agents or  tourism marketing agents, after undergoing training for 6 months (a 6-month apprenticeship period) .

In further comments, Mounesan said:  "For example, those who have studied medicine, can be actively involved  in Medical tourism,  and those who have studied history, geography  or environmental sciences   can be employed  in Ecotourism.  In the filed of Religious tourism, university graduates in religious studies can also be employed."

Munesan went on to explain that , fortunately, through the resources of ministry  of Labour  all of the training course and the apprenticeship would be done so that all of the volunuteers could be employed by some  4700 travel agencies all across the country so that not only tourism industry will benefit, but also  50000 new jobs will be created.



Iran is rich with differnt climates and cultujrals and can be an excellent  destiny for  tourists all around th eworld .Th e Iranina government is also after expanssion of tourism.