Jun 15, 2018 07:55 Asia/Tehran

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has said that "The Great Satan" with all its' might could not achieve its goal.

 "The Great Satan with all its' might could not achieve its goal and in the future, satanic powers will not gain anything in the region regardless of how much they would spend", Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei stated in Eid-al Fitr Prayer sermon on Friday.

"I congratulate all brothers and sisters who are present at this great, vibrant gathering, and also the entire Iranian nation and entire Islamic Ummah on the occasion of Eid Fitr", The Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted.

Simultaneously, with the performance of Eid Fitr prayers throughout the country, thousands of devout people in Tehran observed Eid Fitr prayers with Imamat of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in Musalla Imam Khomeini (r.a.) this morning.

"The auspicious Eid Fitr is a day in which those who endeavored and performed good deeds are rewarded.God has placed the month of Ramadan as a competative field. Thanks be to God, every year our nation gain greater rewards [of spirituality] in this contest; when we compare each year with the precedent we recognize among the people that progress in spirituality, in good deeds, and acts bring people closer to God", Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted.

Ayatollah Khamenei reminded the people: "Reciting the Quran (a juz’ every day) started in one city, and today, in many cities of Iran, reciting the Quran has become routine. Gatherings for reciting duas and supplications, and presence and enthusiasm of people in these gatherings, increases each year.

"This nation is awakened and inspired. This nation is not tired; those people from other countries that say the"Iranian nation is tired" are indeed themselves tired. The Iranian people, who after a night of little sleep, come to the streets and participate in the rally, are not tired.This nation is not tired, is not hopeless: this nation regards the field of action as a competitive field. Spirituality increases day after day. Each year, during the month of Ramadan, our people’s spirituality and spiritedness increases. This means the Iranian nation is standing steadfast, despite all policies that aim at dissociating the people from spirituality", Leader of the Islamic Revolution asserted.

"This year's Quds Day was more popular among other nations as well, and it was more widely, and enthusiastically celebrated. The news we read from other countries showed that people of various countries celebrate Quds Day. This means that despite the propaganda of the enemies, Muslim nations have come closer to Iran. These enemies, of course, try and are always defeated. The nations' aims are now closer", Ayatollah Khamenei said.

"Satanic powers are constantly conspiring against the Iranian nation. Because those powers are afraid of [the propagation of] this nation's power, independence, and innovative vision for national life, among other nations", Leader of the Islamic Revolution added.

"The president of the US claimed they have spent 7 trillion dollars in Asia and gained nothing: this is a defeat. They spent 7 trillions dollars in this region, and the Americans gained nothing in return.The United States is on its knees in the region. The Great Satan, with all its efforts, and temptations, has not achieved its goal in this region," the Leader firmly stated.

"Today, the enemy’s conspiracy constitutes putting economic pressures on the Iranian people, to make the people tired and hopeless, be aware of this; we should all work hard against their plots. Members of the Islamic government and authorities must also work hard, the collection of governing entities established by the officials of the three branches", Ayatollah Khamenei stated.

"The people must avoid squander; they should avoid extravagance, regarding unnecessary matters for the interest of the needy. Today, the Iranian people must know, liquidity is extreme in our country. Those who own liquidity, should direct the cash flow toward production. The wheel of the people’s life turns via production. All groups for the people are responsible [to facilitate this]", Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei concluded.