Jun 13, 2018 16:12 Asia/Tehran

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has emphasized the need for nongovernmental sectors in the country to engage more in the process of providing aid for the help-seekers and the disadvantaged communities.

'We should hand over management of the public aid organizations to the people and especially to the elite nurtured by social institutions,' President Rouhani said in a meeting with community members of Iran's Welfare Organization and Imam Khomeini Relief Committee Tuesday evening.

He emphasized that all the relief efforts should be aimed at empowerment of the help-seekers in the country.

'It is a source of pride for the government to see an increasing number of the help-seekers under the umbrella of the Welfare Organization and Imam Khomeini Relief Committee gets empowered each year,' President Rouhani said.

He said that the government feels itself duty-bond to create a sense of security and justice in the country.

We should all work together to promote such a sense of hope for the future,' The Iranian president said.