Jun 11, 2018 19:45 Asia/Tehran
  • Intelligence ministry: 27 terrorists arrested during the month of Ramadan

Iranian intelligence ministry issued a statement about the dismantling of a terrorist network in Iran. The terror group was about to carry out attacks during the holy month of Ramadan.

A terrorist network intending to stage terror attacks on the three nights of Ghadr (decree) and Quds day of the holy month of Ramadan was dismantled by the Iranian intelligence ministry, according to an announcement of the ministry on Monday.

The Iranian intelligence ministry has affirmed that intelligence forces managed to arrest 27 members of the terror network.

The statement adds that the cities of Tehran and Qom were the main targets of the terrorists who had already prepared images and films to be spread after the attack containing threats of taking revenge from the Iranian nation.

The Iranian intelligence ministry also recounted that Iran’s cyber police, judiciary department, and other security entities contributed to the successful operation.

The security forces have also managed to seize a large cache of  weapons, including hand grenades, bombs, explosives, rifles, and pistols from the terrorists.