Jul 13, 2018 18:22 Asia/Tehran

US president Donald Trump said in a joint press conference with the UK prime minister Theresa May at Chequers that there is a good chance for Washington and Moscow to have a very good relationships.

"There is also a good chance to have a very good relationship with Vladimir Putin", US president Donald Trump noted.

"President Obama failed very badly with Crimea.I don't think he (Putin) would have done that if I were President", US president respond to a question about the relationship with Russia.

Speaking about the upcoming summit Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump said that it would be a tremendous achievement if he and Putin could do something on nuclear proliferation.

"I will be talking about nuclear proliferation. It would be a great thing if we can do it. It's not only us, it's not only Russia and the United States, it's other countries' [matter] also, but we would be the leaders…. I think it would be a tremendous achievement if we could do something on nuclear proliferation," US president added.

Trump and Putin are due to have a meeting on Monday in Helsinki. Politicians from both countries have expressed their hopes that the meeting would lead to the normalization of bilateral relations and help enhance global security.

Speaking about Brexit, US president Donald Trump said:"whatever you do is OK with me, that is your decision. Just make sure we can trade together, that is all that matters."

Protests have kicked off for the second day of President Donald Trump’s U.K. visit as tens of thousands of demonstrators assembled in central London and many British cities.

Protesters in London flew a giant balloon depicting US President Donald Trump as an angry baby. Trump told the newspaper 'The Sun' that he felt unwelcome in London because of protests.