Oct 10, 2019 18:42 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 12, 2019 21:42 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran\'s Foreign Ministry
    Iran\'s Foreign Ministry

Iran's Foreign Ministry in a statement on Thursday expressed Tehran's disapproval of Turkey's military invasion on Syria.

Iran Press/Iran News:  Expressing Iran's Foreign Ministry's concern about Turkey's military operation inside the Syrian territory, the statement added that given the humanitarian situation and the dangers civilians are exposed to in the conflict areas, immediately cease of attacks and pullout of Turkish military forces exit of Syria is a must.

It further said that Iran, as stated before, understands the security concerns of Turkey, but it believes military action will not only fail to help remove those concerns but inflict a lot of human and fiscal damage.

Iran's Foreign Ministry went on to stress its disagreement with the move, read the statement.

Iran has once and again underlined the fact that the present conditions in the region are the results of the trans-regional meddlings, especially by the US, it said.

Based on its basic principle that regional problems should be solved within the framework of the region's potentials, the statement noted, Iran expressed readiness for playing any role between the two countries, as it is in touch with the two sides.

Tehran believes that solving the problem can only be possible through peaceful measures and respecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and also the Adana Agreement.

In the latest development in northern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces spokesperson says group's fighters repelled a ground attack in Tal Abyad while the Turkish military said it had 181 Kurdish militia targets with its air force and artillery since the start of the operation.

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