Oct 08, 2019 08:07 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Feb 21, 2020 19:37 Asia/Tehran]
  • Rouhani: Electronic government should run as soon as possible
    Rouhani: Electronic government should run as soon as possible

Iranian president said electronic government (e-government) should be up and running as soon as possible to improve on the efficiency and effectiveness of a range of services being delivered to the public.

Iran Press /Iran News: President Rouhani was speaking at a meeting with the governor generals of Tehran, Qom and Alborz provinces on Monday afternoon, when he stressed the need to get e-government up and running as soon as possible to provide a range of online government services to the public.

The president urged all officials, including provincial governors, to do everything they can to provide services to the public, to alleviate the economic stress on the public, to solve the problems faced by ordinary people, to create jobs for young unemployed people, and to make sure that the wheels of the manufacturing industry and production turn smoothly. He also said the government is fully supportive of provincial governors and encouraged governor generals to have direct contact with the public, and to do whatever they can to solve their problems.

President Rouhani pointedly added: "Given the current sanctions against the Islamic Republic, this has caused some problems for ordinary people, and provincial governors are duty-bound to help the public, sort out their economic difficulties, and plan for the future. Provincial governors must also fully support the manufacturing and production sector, helping to remove obstacles and difficulties faced by factories. Governor generals are also expected to support job creation schemes targeting young people and fist-time job seekers."

In further remarks, president Rouhani emphasised the importance of environmental protection, particularly in large cities and urban settings.

Referring to Tehran in particular, he said the sewage treatment network in Tehran needs updating and this matter needs to be seen to as a matter of urgency.


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