Dec 09, 2018 17:03 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Sep 22, 2019 21:55 Asia/Tehran]

Iran's deputy energy minster described Iran as an unique country with great sources and potentials of the renewable energies.

Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency, Iran's deputy energy minister, Seyyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh stressed that the plan of Iran's energy department is to increase the country's capacity for renewable energy annually up to one percent for domestic consumption.

The top energy official went on to describe Iran as a rich country in matter of wind and solar potential. So that special geographical position of the country, has  made possible for investors ( native and foreign ) to invest on Iran's renewable energy as well as exporting electricity.

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Sadeghzade continued to say that there are three companies that have been recognized as the qualified ones by the Iran's ministry of energy.

Finally the head of Iran's organization for renewable energies and energy efficiency concluded that some of these companies have been successful and active in investment, establishing and installing solar power in side and out side of Iran. 

Sadgehzadeh's words came on the side lines of the news conference where he said  US unfair sanctions have no effect on Iran's renewable energy supply.


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