Oct 23, 2018 18:57 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 16, 2019 13:20 Asia/Tehran]

Afghanistan's Deputy Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Imam Mohammad Virmoch has said: "We try to bring more investors to Chabahar and facilitate transportation of goods and commodities through the port."

Iran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday, Imam Mohammad Virmoch emphasized that the meeting in Tehran is meant to follow up on implementation of all agreements between Afghanistan, Iran and India with regards to development of Chabahar port.

Afghanistan's Deputy Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation added: "We gathered here in Tehran and our technical team working on specific issues to find out how to develop transportation, transit and also how to encourage the private sector to invest in Chabahar and how to bring more facilities in export and import for Afghanistan and to make optimum use of Chabahar port. This is why we have gathered here today".

The trilateral agreement was signed in Tehran in 2016 by Iranian and Afghan presidents and India's prime minister. The agreement aims to connect Southeast Asia, to Central Asia, Russia, Caucasus, the Sea of Oman and all countries bordering the Indian Ocean to facilitate trade.

Chabahar is a major port and the only oceanic port of Iran, located to the far southeast on the Sea of Oman.

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