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Iran's parliament speaker said that unlawful and unilateral actions of world powers such as US have created problems for the international community.

Iran Press/Asia: According to Iran Press, Ali Larijani, Iran's parliament speaker, at the third inter-parliamentary meeting of Eurasian countries in Antalya, Turkey on Tuesday said that unlawful and unilateral actions of world powers such as America have created widespread problems and challenges for the international community.

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Larijani added that the US's illegal withdrawal from Iran's nuclear deal and its illegitimate decision on the Palestinian issue of announcing al-Quds as the capital of an illegitimate, occupying and aggressive regime, the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and disrupting the system of global trade tariffs are clear examples of US unilateral actions.

Undoubtedly, such attitudes create a security turmoil on the international scene. The United States' negative struggle with the Paris Climate Accord is a breach of one of the most sensitive global environmental issues that ignores the rights of all nations, Larijani said.

Iran's parliament speaker stressed that because of these challenges, cooperation between members of the Eurasian parliaments has become more urgent than ever to counter unilateralism.

Cooperation of Iran, Turkey and Russia in Syria, a regional struggle against terrorism and extremism

Larijani said that the Syrian crisis is becoming a protracted, old and very complicated problem, and for years the people of this country suffer from instability and lack of security. The disturbing and adventurous powers have prolonged the Syrian crisis and impeded the right of Syrian people to determine their fate.

He clarified that since the onset of the Syrian crisis, the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the Syrian government's request, has supported the Syrian people in their struggle against terrorism, and has consistently asserted the role of the Syrian people in determining the future of their country and has emphasized the need for an intra-Syrian political solution.

Larijani added that the cooperation of Iran, Turkey and Russia in Syria is a regional struggle against terrorism and extremism and to help the Syrian people and government, and we welcome the cooperation of other countries on this issue.

Brutal killings of the Yemeni people

Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly added: "According to the Islamic Republic of Iran, only Yemenis have the right to decide on the future of their country; we support independent, united, stable, secure and integrated Yemen on the path to development and we believe stopping the persistence of foreign aggression, the illegal siege and the brutal killings of the Yemeni people and the return to the Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue as a solution to the crisis.

Larijani noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran wants the United Nations and the countries related to the crisis in Yemen to take immediate and effective measures to stop the attacks, and adopt measures necessary to protect the lives and property of civilians, especially women and children, instead of issuing weak resolutions or impractical plans that most encouraged aggressors to continue their illegal attacks.

Condemnation of the "deal of the century"

Referring to the Trump's "great deal of the century" as vague and fake, Larijani said that US and Zionist regime intend to deprive the right of oppressed Palestinians to live in their land through inhumane practices, but this oppressive behavior will not result in their intended outcome and will lead to the development of conflicts in the region.

"If the United States is looking for a great deal, they should follow an agreement on the right of the Palestinian people to determine their fate democratically," he said.

American extortion in the region

The United States extorts countries in the region by creating artificial fears, and unfortunately, this action is accompanied by humiliating and degrading literature towards some countries in the region, and sometimes they talk about the new security strategy for the region, which has no purpose other than extortion; of course, awakening in the region is more than that to be confused by these rhetoric, but it will be costly for plotters, Larijani warned.

Regarding the kind of American non-aligned conduct, Larijani said that it has become clear today that any kind of discipline, whether economic or security, from the language of American politicians is more similar to joke than reality, and usually leads to bad results.

On the sidelines of third inter-parliamentary meeting of Eurasian countries, Larijani met speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Mohammed Rikan Hadeed al-Halbousi.

The theme of this round of the Eurasian Countries' Parliaments meeting is ‘Economic Cooperation, Environment and Sustainable Development in Eurasia.’

Larijani also had bilateral meetings with speakers of parliaments from Turkey, Russia, and Kazakhstan. He is also expected to have a trilateral meeting with speakers of parliaments of Turkey and Russia, on the sidelines of Antalya summit.

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