Feb 16, 2019 18:19 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 20, 2019 21:09 Asia/Tehran]
  • France backs JCPOA once again

In reaction to anti-Iranian and anti-European remarks of the US Vice President Mike Pence, French Foreign Ministry emphasized that Paris still backs the landmark nuclear deal signed between Iran and world’s major powers, known as the ‘Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Iran Press/Europe: For this purpose, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement which reads as follows:

France stays committed to the implementation of  'Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action'(JCPOA)', within the framework of respecting international agreements.

As long as Islamic Republic of Iran complies with its commitments, Paris will continue its support over JCPOA which was approved unanimously in Resolution 2231 of the UNSC. France along with Germany and UK backs an approach that is related to the long-term supervision on Iran’s nuclear and missile programs, Mehr News Agency reported.

The US, however, unilaterally left the deal last May, although the agreement has been ratified in the form of a United Nations Security Council resolution. It later reintroduced sanctions that had been lifted under the deal.

A special clearing house designed to allow European companies that trade with Iran to bypass newly reimposed US sanctions is set up in Europe.

The clearing house, known as the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX), is seen as critical to reassuring Tehran that the EU genuinely wishes to reward Iran for signing the 2015 deal on its nuclear program by expanding business with the country.

France, Germany and the UK are the initial shareholders of the INSTEX mechanism for trade with Iran, which has been registered in the French capital, Paris, with a capital of 3,000 euros, and will be governed by a German banking expert.   105 /211



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