Mar 18, 2019 19:42 Asia/Tehran
  • Iran, China hold meeting on bilateral trade, joint investment

A meeting on bilateral trade and joint investment of Iran and China was held in the Chinese capital on Monday participated by high-ranking delegations of both countries.

Iran Press/Asia: During the meeting in which Iran’s Minister of Economy Farhad Dejpasand and China’s deputy minister of commerce were present, Iranian ambassador to China Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh said that the meeting aims to explore economic opportunities in bilateral relations.

He said that 'One Belt, One Road' initiative introduced by Chinese President Xi Jinping is actually a manifestation of these interactions, IRNA reported. 

The initiative is seeking multilateralism and a win-win game despite some measures taken by certain players, the ambassador said. 

Keshavarzzadeh said that the new international situations require accurate planning by Iran and China to give a boost to bilateral relations. 105


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