Mar 11, 2019 18:49 Asia/Tehran
  • Ural Airlines passenger jet
    Ural Airlines passenger jet

A Russian Ural Airlines passenger jet flying Bahrain to Moscow made an emergency landing in Baku capital of Azerbaijan Republic over bomb threat on Monday.

Iran Press/Asia: Russian Flight U61116, an Airbus A321-231 with 225 people on board en route to Moscow's Domodedovo airport made an emergency landing in Baku, Azerbaijan, Baku airport announced.

The pilot suspected a bomb might be on board the plane when the crew received information about possible restricted items" on board and pilot requested an emergency landing at the nearest airport to have checks carried out, Reuters reported.

Flight U61116, an Airbus A321-231, was flying to the Russian capital from Bahrain when it made an emergency landing in Baku.

All passengers and crew were safely evacuated and a search carried out, but no bomb was found.

A source at the airport told Reuters that a passenger had been detained following the emergency landing.

The flight departed Bahrain at 11 a.m local time, and landed in Baku about 2 hours later, according to flight tracking website Flight Radar24. 105/205



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