Feb 19, 2019 18:29 Asia/Tehran

The Speaker of Iran's parliament has emphasized that Iran is ready to strengthen and expand relations with China in many different fields.

Iran Press/Asia: The speaker of Iran's parliament Ali Larijani, in a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, the speaker of the Chinese parliament, Lie Jaan Shu, in addition to emphasizing friendly relations between Tehran and Beijing, has said Iran is ready to boost and expand relations with China across the board.

Larijani also thanked his Chinese hosts with regards to their excellent hospitality and said relations between Iran and China have always been based on friendship.

 Asked about the objective of his trip to China, Ali Larijani said the principal objective is to expand cooperation and relations between Tehran and Beijing, adding that Tehran is ready to strengthen relations with Beijing in many different areas.

For his part, the speaker of the Chinese parliament, Lie Jaan Shu, emphasized the long-established relations between Iran and China and said during two thousand years of relations between the two countries there has never been any war or conflict between the two nations.

Speaker of Iran's parliament Ali Larijani arrived at Beijing International Airport, accompanied by a high-ranking delegation, on Tuesday morning.  103 /211


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