Dec 08, 2018 07:32 Asia/Tehran
  • Michael Cohen (L) Donald Trump (R)
    Michael Cohen (L) Donald Trump (R)

US prosecutors declared that Donald Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen had provided "relevant" and "substantial" help to the Russia investigation.

Iran pressAmerica: US prosecutors revealed on Friday that a senior Russian official had offered cooperation to US president Donald Trump's campaign as early as 2015, declaring that the president's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen had provided "relevant" and "substantial" help to the Russia investigation, according to Guardian.

In a separate case, federal prosecutors demanded "substantial" jail time of between 51 to 63 months -- four to five years -- for Cohen for bank fraud and campaign finance violations to which he plead guilty last August.

US Attorney Robert Khuzami accused Trump's ex-lawyer, who once vowed to take a bullet for the president, of being motivated by "personal greed" and of "repeatedly" using his power and influence for "deceptive ends."

"Totally clears the President. Thank you!" tweeted the US president cryptically as television networks were consumed by the Cohen documents -- which the White House dismissed as revealing "nothing of value."

On 30 November, Michael Cohen revealed Donald Trump was more involved in discussions over a potential Russian business deal during the presidential campaign than previously known.

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The campaign finance violations to which Cohen pleaded guilty in August concerned hush payments he made on Trump's behalf to alleged former lovers of the president, including Stormy Daniels.

Robert Mueller,  is investigating possible collusion between Russia and members of Trump’s campaign team. 

Trump claimed that there had been no collusion between his campaign and the Russian government and reiterated his claim that the probe was a witch hunt. 101/ 211 /201

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