Nov 06, 2018 10:16 Asia/Tehran

President Donald Trump has been interrupted multiple times by protesters during his Indiana rally on his final midterm sprint.

Iran press/America: On three occasions Monday, demonstrators began to chant against president Donald Trump, only to be drowned out by a crowd of Trump supporters in a downtown Fort Wayne coliseum, according to Economic Times.

The protesters were escorted out. Trump told one demonstrator to "go home to mommy."

Protesters were a common sight at Trump's 2016 campaign rallies, with the occasional brief bouts of violence between the demonstrators and Trump supporters.

They have become a far rarer sight since Trump took office, which the president noted Monday.

He wryly mused that he was "not surprised" they would be a factor in Indiana, but it wasn't clear what he meant.

President Donald Trump is making a final elections argument by claiming that Democrats will take a "wrecking ball to our economy and to the future of our country."

Trump made the second of his final three rally stops on Monday in front of a loud, packed crowd in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Trump summarized his sales pitch at that Georgia rally on Sunday.

“If you want more caravans and you want more crime, vote Democrat, it’s very simple,” he said. “If you want strong borders and safe communities, vote Republican.”

Trump’s rhetoric about the caravan may have been focused on electoral politics, but experts on racism saw in it something worth embracing.

More than 3,000 migrants are demanding they be let into Mexico, and ultimately through to the US, with many heard chanting “We want to work!”

Others shouted, "We are not smugglers, we are immigrants!"

Most of the migrants are from Honduras, but some have joined the caravan from other Central American countries.

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He says, "A vote for Republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity." He says, "A vote for Democrats is a vote to bring this economic boom crashing down very rapidly."

Democrats would need to gain two seats to retake the Senate majority. The races for several seats that they hold including ones in Indiana, Missouri, Montana and Florida.

2018 elections in the United States will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, except for certain special elections. All these races, whether for a federal, state, or local office, are being administered by the individual state and local governments instead of at the national or federal level.


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