Aug 09, 2018 08:28 Asia/Tehran

Trump’s lawyers rejected the special counsel’s latest terms for an interview in the Russia investigation, countering on Wednesday with an offer that suggested a limited interview with a narrow specific path for answering questions, people familiar with the matter said.

Iran Press- "We have responded in writing to the latest proposal from the Office of Special Counsel regarding its request to interview the President," Jay Sekulow, the president's lawyer, said Wednesday afternoon. President Trump refused an interview with Mueller, according to a New York Times report.

"We're restating what we have been saying for months: it is time for the Office of Special Counsel to conclude its inquiry without further delay," said Rudy Giuliani, a fellow member of Trump's personal legal team and former mayor of New York City. "Millions of pages of documents along with testimony from dozens of witnesses have been provided," he said. Mueller is now just prolonging his investigation without announcing any conclusions, the lawyer continued.

"It is about time that ends," Giuliani said of Mueller's Russia investigation during a radio interview Wednesday. "We do not want to run into the November elections. Back up from that, and this should be over with by September first. We have now given him an answer. He obviously should take a few days to consider it. We should get this resolved," the former mayor said. 

Initially, the special counsel reportedly wanted to interview Trump about colluding with members of the Russian government to swing the US presidential election. However, many Democrats supportive of the special counsel quickly changed their tune following Trump's removal of James Comey from his role as the head of the FBI shortly after Trump took office. Now, they wanted Trump to be investigated for "obstruction of justice" for what they called his attempt to block an investigation into his campaign.  

In May, Giuliani said he wanted Trump to interview with Mueller for two to 2.5 hours to limit the scope of the special counsel's questioning. He also sought for the questioning to take place while Trump was not under oath.

The New York Times reported that Mueller is reportedly looking at Trump's use of Twitter as part of an investigation into whether the president obstructed justice.

Meanwhile, a group of Republican lawmakers introduced articles of impeachment to remove deputy U.S. Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, escalating a fight over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


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