Jul 10, 2018 09:43 Asia/Tehran

An elderly Mexican man, Rodolfo Rodriguez, was attacked by a group of people whilst going for a walk on the Fourth of July.

Tears glistened on the black and purple bruises covering 92-year-old Rodolfo Rodriguez's face as he described being attacked by a group of people while going for a walk.

 Rodriguez said, he's never been hurt like this before, in a life working the fields with cattle and corn.

Erik Mendoza his grandson said: "He had traveled from Michoacan, Mexico, to visit his family in Willowbrook, California, a city near  Los Angeles.

Mendoza said, his grandfather makes the trip about twice a year, and takes a walk through the neighborhood every day after lunch and everyone in the neighborhood knows him. 

Rodriguez said he was walking to a nearby park on Wednesday when he passed a woman and a little girl. Without warning, the woman assaulted him, he said, hitting him with a concrete block and enlisting a group of men to join in beating him.

Misbel Borjas a witness was driving by when she saw the woman hitting Rodriguez repeatedly in the head with a concrete block. 

She said:  "I heard her saying, go back to your country, go back to Mexico, When I tried to videotape her with my cell phone, she threw that same concrete block, tried to hit my car."

Mendoza said his grandfather suffered a broken jaw, broken cheekbones, two broken ribs and bruises on his face, back and abdomen. He spent five or six hours in hospital.