Dec 15, 2018 16:16 Asia/Tehran

The leaders of Eritrea and Somalia have agreed to strengthen bilateral ties between their countries.

Iran Press/ Africa: Eritrean President "Isaias Afwerki" and his Somali counterpart, "Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo" on Friday reaffirmed their commitment to enhance the momentum in the Horn of Africa cooperation with a focus on regional partnership for common development, progress and prosperity.

"The two leaders emphasized that there are many common challenges ahead for which they will seek a common solution," according to a  communique issued at the end of president Afwerki's two-day visit to Somalia, Iran Press reported.

The two leaders also agreed to consolidate their ties, and respond jointly to challenges that their respective nations face.

The Eritrean leader who arrived in Mogadishu on Thursday backed Somali government's efforts to establish Somali-led security institutions that have the ability to provide peace and security across the country.

The joint communique added: "Fully aware of the need for comprehensive and coordinated approach to tackle modern-day risks of terrorism and poverty, the two leaders agreed to continue to forge a strong partnership that benefits the two nations and the region."

They noted that effective regional cooperation is crucial for overcoming the common obstacles of insecurity, terrorism, poverty and environmental degradation facing the region.

The two leaders noted that peace and stability in Somalia is in the interest of the Somali people as well as the wider region, and cautioned that any attempt to derail the on-going momentum in the region will undoubtedly hamper the progress Somalia is making towards peace and reconciliation.

"The leaders are united to object the dissemination of any harmful, unsubstantiated and politically motivated misinformation and are calling all to positively contribute to the peace and stability in Somalia," they said.

The two leaders held a two-day consultative meeting in Mogadishu where they agreed to strengthen the two nations' historic relations through further cooperation in areas such as trade, investment and people to people relations.   104/ 211 / 207

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