Yemen (IP) - The US Central Command (CENTCOM) says it has intercepted 4 Yemeni drones in the country's sky.

Iran Press/ West Asia: CENTCOM published a message on X on Monday claiming that during the past 24 hours, it targeted 4 Yemeni drones in the country's territories. 

The Yemeni army has hit several Israeli vessels or vessels carrying cargo to the Israeli regime in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Yemen has announced that navigation in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden is secure for those ships that have nothing to do with the Israeli regime.

Fully supported by the US, Israel launched an all-out war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, killing more than 38,000 people and wounding over 87,500 others, along with creating famine in the strip it has blockaded.

The criminal war stirred inclusive reaction across the world and caused many anti-Israeli rallies, including in the US, in support of the Palestinian people.

Yet, the Israeli regime is continuing the genocide regardless of the protests and the ICJ verdict to the immediate termination of the war.