Iran MFA Spox:

IP - The Spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs called as one party to Gaza war whose role is direct and undeniable role in Israeli crime against the Palestinian nation.

Nasser Kanaani stressed: "The United States has a direct and undeniable role in Israeli crime against the Palestinian nation. The Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, as a legitimate and defensive action of the Palestinian people against the Zionist occupation, showed that the Zionist Regime has a false hegemony and its political security foundations and... is shaky and unstable."

Kanaani Further added: "unfortunately, the Zionist Regime started killing Palestinian citizens to compensate for his defeat, and the US government has been standing by its side."

Iran's Top diplomat said: "The new round of attacks against Gaza started after a 7-day pause when the US Secretary of State was in Tel Aviv and in the Zionist War Cabinet, and this shows Washington's presence on the side of Tel Aviv against the oppressed nation."

Kanaani further stated: "The US has provided Israel with new facilities and has providing it more opportunity for more crimes. The US Secretary of Defense points out that America's support for Israel's security is never negotiable and we accelerated aid to Israel to make sure that Hamas no longer attack Israel. The American government officially admits that the war is against the Palestinian people."

Kanaani else where noted: "The US is now a party to the war. These statements are in completely contradiction with what the Americans had apparently announced and allegedly sent a message that they do not seek to expand the scope of the war and warned Israel to protect the lives of the Palestinians is completely false."

Kanaani stressed: "The Islamic Republic considers supporting the Palestinian nation under occupation and aggression as a humanitarian principle and a priority for itself, and this priority should be for others as well."

"The UN Security Council has been held hostage by the US government and has shown that it is not capable enough to fulfil its duties to save innocent lives in Palestine and ensure peace and security. Iran will continue to discuss with other international institutions that can play a role," stated Kanaani.204