Iranian MFA Spokesperson:

Tehran (IP) — Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, has pointed to the United States as the main responsible party for the war crimes committed by the Israeli regime in Gaza and for the overall tension in the region.

Iran PressIran news: "Nasser Kanaani made these statements in response to US President's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan's accusations against Iran of supporting resistance forces. Sullivan had linked Yemen's Army targeting two ships belonging to the Israeli regime to Iran and stated that "Iran, we believe, is the ultimate party responsible for this."

He criticized America's concern about regional security while fully supporting the war and crimes committed by the Israeli regime in Gaza and the as hypocritical. He emphasized that contrary to US government claims, their military presence in the region has not provided security but rather pursued illegitimate interests of the Israeli regime at the expense of regional safety and Palestinian rights.

The Iranian MFA spokesperson added that regional security can be achieved without foreign intervention and stressed that by unconditionally supporting Israel and supplying it with weapons, the US is ultimately responsible for war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank.

Kanaani also reiterated that Iran does not have proxy groups in the region and that resistance groups act independently based on their countries' security.


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