Russian Minister:

Russia is considering the possibility of creating industrial clusters in Iran and India and providing conditions for Russian investors to enter the markets of these countries, Roman Chekushov, head of the Department of International Cooperation and Foreign Trade Licensing at the Industry and Trade Ministry told TASS.

Iran PressEurope: "Of course, both Iran and India are the sites that we are considering for creating some kind of industrial cluster. I would not call it a Russian industrial zone, since our task is to attract Indian partners, maybe even partners from other countries, to create some kind of production chain. Therefore, if we say a Russian industrial zone, then it is not, if (we say) a cluster for Russian investors to enter there on preferential terms and use, among other things, the services of a Russian management company, then it is," he said speaking after a press conference in TASS.

In turn, head of the Center for Foreign Trade under the Industry and Trade Ministry, Konstantin Kim said that one can distinguish three main points to help businesses from a practical point of view.

"The first is the search for suppliers. The second is assistance with logistics. And the third point is assistance with settlements and payments in the current situation," he said.

He added that last year the ministry provided support to 125 entities and over 10 months of this year - to more than 600 entities.


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