On Friday evening, the media reported that the Syrian air defense countered hostile targets around Damascus.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The official Syrian news agency SANA reported that the country's air defenses have engaged hostile targets around Damascus.

The al-Mayadeen reporter also announced that an explosion was heard in the western suburbs of Damascus.

No further details have been released yet.

The Zionist regime has repeatedly attacked different areas of Syria in recent years.

These attacks have increased in recent months, especially after the beginning of a new round of crimes by the Zionist regime in Gaza on October 7.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry recently stated that Israel is thirsty for more blood and despite the killing of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, it has not yet been satisfied.

The Zionist regime continues to violate Syrian sovereignty, while the Syrian government has repeatedly sent letters to the United Nations and the UN Security Council, condemning these attacks and asking them to force Israel to stop.  219

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