Iran (IP) - Iran's armed forces possess a homemade air defense system with a range of 50 km that can intercept targets at a 70-foot altitude called as Raad.

Iran PressIran news: Unveiled in the summer of 2011, the Rad air defense system can engage with targets up to 27 km high from Earth. 

It is designed to be equipped with three missiles each weighing 50 kg, 150 kg, and 75 kg.  The missiles are of the Taer family. There are two Rad systems: Rad 1 and Rad 2. 

Rad 1 defense system is capable of dealing with tactical and strategic aircraft, helicopters, and drones and can work in electronic wars.

The defense system is installed on a 6-wheel truck that carries the three missiles mentioned; the system also in some cases is equipped with a radar system that is also home-made. 

Rad system uses two radars; one is a detector radar, S 111, and the other is S 311, respectively with 75-90 km and 55 km ranges. 

Still, Rad 2 is the updated version of Rad 1. It is equipped with electro-optical systems and enjoys longer ranges as it is installed on a vehicle separated from the launcher. 

Rad 2 is equipped with middle-range and middle-height missiles that can engage with hostile targets within a height of 27 km. It also is capable of being armed with the mentioned Taer missiles but the updated version, Taer 2A. 


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