American political activist Medea Benjamin, best known for co-founding Code Pink, has expressed concern about the Trump administration's militarism and interventions abroad.

Iran Press/America: Medea Benjamin made the remarks at the beginning of a press conference, held on Tuesday, March 5th, at Fars News Agency in Tehran, attended by 12 American peace activists and members of 'CODE PINK', peace and social justice movement, while outlining the activities of the movement.

According to an Iran Press report, the ladies including Barabara Driggs Leston, Nina Allen, Medea Benjamin, Amber Gilewski, Ann Wright, Janice Old, Sophia Fuller, Patricia Wieland, and gentlemen including David Hartsough, Kenneth McDonald, William Collins and Eric Stoner, who are experts, instructors, former officials and American political and social activists, attended the meeting.

US should return to JCPOA

At the beginning of the news conference, Medea Benjamin talked about the activities of 'CODE PINK' and expressed concern about the militarism of the Trump administration.

Benjamin referred to US sanctions on Iran, and pointed to the upcoming presidential election in the United States, saying: "The elections are a good opportunity to push US presidential candidates to return to JCPOA."

When asked whether the efforts of the movement would succeed in preventing conflict and war? She said: "We believe that our work can be effective because the American people are tired of wars, and although the Trump administration states that Iran is the source of all the challenges and crises in the Middle East, the American people understand that this point of view is wrong."

Code Pink tries to prevent US interventions abroad

Medea Benjamin also pointed to US military interventions in Syria, Yemen, Libya, and added: "We try to prevent US intervention in other countries."

Elsewhere in her remarks, Benjamin said: "We are not here to defend the Iranian government, despite the fact that the Western media have suggested that we have visited Iran for this purpose."

US responsible for terrorism in Middle East


"The United States is actually responsible for a lot of terrorism in the Middle East, it was because of the US invasion in Iraq, that Daesh started," Medea Benjamin said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press correspondent.


Another US peace activist, former military officer and former diplomat who worked at the US embassy in Afghanistan, Ann Wright, also said: "America does not dare to attack any country which has a strong military force."

She also emphasized on Iran's right to have a missile defense program.

No one can trust the United States

Wright told Iran Press correspondent: "No one can trust the United States when we have such changing policies where we have one president that has signed a very well-worked agreement and then another president, throwing it away and slapping sanctions." 213/211/103