So far, more than 20,424 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and 303 in the West Bank, but Israel's death toll is 11,139.

Iran Press/ West Asia: More than 54,500 Palestinians have been injured in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. 

Israeli attacks have killed at least 103 journalists since October 7, the Government Media Office in Gaza said in a post on Telegram. The Israeli army says 152 Israeli soldiers have so far been killed since the ground assault in Gaza began on October 27. The Israeli army also said that 14 soldiers have been killed in Gaza fighting since Friday.

Gideon Levy, a columnist for Israeli Haaretz newspaper, says the rise in Israeli soldiers’ death toll in Gaza has not made much of an impact on Israeli public opinion, the majority of which support continuing the war.

“Thirteen soldiers [killed] is a hell of a price for Israel but 600 people in Gaza were killed this weekend,” Levy told Al Jazeera.

Levy said he is “quite surprised” that pressure on Netanyahu has been “limited” so far.

“There is pressure concerning only one issue – releasing the hostages. Everything else is untouched. The sacrifice of Gaza doesn’t interest anybody in Israel, but even losing soldiers, which is so horrible for every family, is not leverage right now for growing protests," he said.

“Israel is preferring now to continue the war over releasing the hostages. It’s a ruthless choice.”


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