West Asia (IP): The Information Office of the Gaza government announced that since the start of the Zionist war in the Gaza Strip, more than 150 journalists have been martyred in this area.

Iran Press/West Asia: On Monday, the Gaza Government Information Office announced the martyrdom of Shams News Agency reporter Mohammad Mahmoud Abu Sharia at the hands of the Zionist regime, adding: "Since the beginning of the genocidal war of the occupying regime in the Gaza Strip, 153 journalists have been martyred in this area."

The Ministry of Health of Gaza added: "The number of Palestinian martyrs in the Gaza Strip reached 37,900 people since October 7, and 87,600 people were injured."

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine announced in a statement, the disclosure of videos that show that the Zionist occupation forces forced two Palestinian prisoners to search for explosives and tunnels and use them as human shields in Gaza.

This action of the Zionists is a new war crime that shows the moral degeneration of the cowardly army of the occupying regime.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine demanded the immediate dispatch of an international delegation to inspect the conditions of the prisoners, document the violations and help exert international pressure to improve the conditions of the prisoners.

On the other hand, the spread of skin diseases among Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip and the lack of treatment facilities have caused many problems for them.

According to this report, due to the lack of medicine and safe water, the deterioration of the economic situation and the extreme heat of the air, various diseases are spreading among children.

Meanwhile, children in northern Gaza are holding papers that read: "Northern Gaza is hungry, save us from starvation."

Bulldozers of the Zionist regime also destroyed the water pipeline of Nurshams camp in Tulkarem located on the West Bank.

The telegram channel of the Shahab News Agency also published a picture of the destruction of Al-Azhar University in Gaza City following the attacks of the occupying regime.

On the other hand, the resistance fighters in response to the crimes of the Zionist regime army against the Palestinian people, especially the people of Gaza and Rafah city, targeted the Zionist soldiers with hand-made bombs in Tulkarem.