Kremlin spokesman says the US troops' deployment in Europe proves Russia has reason to be worried.

Iran Press/ Europe: Russia and NATO have been in dispute over Ukraine. Western countries blame Russia for planning an invasion of Ukraine amid a military buildup near the Ukrainian border. Moscow denies the allegation and insists that the deployments are defensive in nature.

While Putin said during his own news conference Tuesday he was open to continuing talks, Biden, in turn, has deployed 3,000 US troops to Eastern Europe in a bid to reassure NATO allies of the "continued American commitment to their security."

The Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a recent news conference in Moscow that the United States was trying to pull Russia into an armed conflict over the thorny issue of Ukraine. Putin said Washington wants to use a confrontation as a pretext to impose more sanctions on Russia.

The deployment of US troops in Europe is the proof that Russia has reason to be worried, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told CNN's Matthew Chance in an exclusive statement later Wednesday.

"US de facto is continuing to pump up tension in Europe," Peskov said, adding that the deployments are "the best proof that we, as Russia, have an obvious reason to be worried," Tass reported.


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