IP - The confirmed death toll of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake at Japan's western coastline registered 126 people while more than 200 people still missing and at least 500 are injured. Meanwhile, adverse weather conditions reduce the chance of survival for those trapped under rubble.

Iran PressAsia: The death toll from the earthquake that came in Japan on New Year’s has surpassed 126, marking the country’s deadliest quake in almost eight years.

With more than 200 people still missing, the aftermath of the magnitude 7.6 earthquake has left the Hokuriku region grappling with destruction, including 23,000 homes without power.

The powerful earthquake struck Japan’s west coast, causing widespread destruction to infrastructure.

The Hokuriku region bore the brunt, leaving 23,000 homes without power. The extensive damage has intensified the challenges faced by authorities in providing aid and relief to affected areas.

The search for survivors continues for a sixth consecutive day as more than 30,000 evacuees await aid.

Collapsed buildings pose challenges for rescue teams working tirelessly to find and rescue those trapped beneath the debris, highlighting the urgency of ongoing efforts.

The magnitude of this earthquake‘s toll is unprecedented since the 2016 quakes in Kumamoto, southwestern Japan, which claimed the lives of 276 people, including related deaths.

The current crisis underscores the urgent need for coordinated relief efforts and reconstruction planning.

With rain and snow expected overnight and on Sunday, officials warned roads already cracked by the dozens of tremors continuing to shake the area could collapse completely.


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