UN reported that nine of its employees have been killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza since the start of a bombardment Saturday.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees said on Wednesday that nine of its staffers have been killed in airstrikes since the the start of the Israeli regime's bombardment on Gaza on Saturday, with several killed late Tuesday.

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said nine staffers have been killed in airstrikes since the start of Israel’s counterattack on Gaza, with several of the staff members killed late Tuesday.

“The protection of civilians is paramount, including in times of conflict,” said Juliette Touma, director of communications of the agency, known as UNRWA. “They should be protected in accordance with the laws of war.”

It said all UNRWA schools across the Gaza Strip, including the Rehabilitation Centre for Visually Impaired and the two vocational centers in Gaza and Khan Younis, remain closed.

"Two UNRWA schools were affected by airstrikes, bringing the total number of installations affected by the conflict to 20 since 7 October," it added.

he death toll from the Israeli regime's brutal aggression on Gaza is more than 1055.

Israel has so far destroyed more than 22,600 houses and ten medical centers with its merciless bombings on the defenseless people of Gaza.More than 224,000 Palestinians have been displaced following the attacks of the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip.

Hamas launched a full-scale attack on the occupied territories Saturday as it fired thousands of rockets and sent its fighters into Israeli settlements through land, sea, and air. 

Israeli War Minister Yoav Gallant has pledged to launch a ground offensive in Gaza following Hamas’s surprise attack.


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