Palestine (IP) - The Israeli regime seized 8 hectares of Jordan Vally lands in the occupied West Bank for the construction of hundreds of residential settlements and industrial units.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Despite the UN Security Council's ban on the Israeli regime's spread of settlement construction in the occupied territories of Palestine, the regime keeps on constructing the settlements.

As Israeli TV Channel 11 said, the planning for the construction of the units and settlements in the areas may take one year. 

The Israeli media outlet quoted Bezalel Smotrich, the Israeli regime's finance minister, that he has signed the enactment to seize the lands and stressed that the annexation of them is a strategic issue for the regime.

The human rights bodies have pointed to the increase of illegal settlements in the West Bank with the formation of Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet in late 2022.  

More than 720,000 Zionists are living in the illegal settlements in the West Bank, including al-Quds city. 

It is more than 75 years since the Israeli regime, backed by the UK and the US, invaded the Palestinian territories and usurped the people's lands while killing and detaining them and destroying their houses and farms.  

In its recent crime, the Israeli regime launched an all-out war on the Gaza Strip on October 7.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reported the latest figures of the casualties, announcing that since October 7, over 31,923 Palestinians have been martyred and 74,096 others were wounded during the Israeli war on Gaza.  

Over 72 percent of the victims are reported, women and children. 

The Israeli strikes caused the people to struggle with famine amid the war. 204

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