IP - The Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education said that Iran has achieved much success in producing advanced nanotechnology drugs.

Iran PressIran news: Bahram Einollahi said, that despite the sanctions, Iran has made great progress in medicine and medical equipment production.

Speaking in the opening ceremony of the 27th specialized meeting of the G5, and in response to Iran Press, Iran's Health Minister said that we have made the health issue joint diplomacy between nations and governments so that we can have a constructive relationship with other countries.

He said that so far we have hosted the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, the World Health Organization, and most recently Tajikistan, and in the recent meeting, the main focus of the discussion was local advanced medical equipment and drugs.

He added that despite the sanctions, Iran has made great progress in the production of medicine and equipment, and now 99% of medicines and 40% of advanced equipment are produced in Iran.

The Minister of Health stated that, in the trips we have had in different countries, Iranian medicine is considered as a high-quality medicine and we are also interested in transferring our experiences to the G5 countries.

The 25th specialized meeting of the Group of Five member countries is being held in Tehran with the slogan "Towards fair access to medicine and medical equipment" and the cooperation development program in medicine and medical equipment.


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