Tehran (IP)- Mohammad Mokhber, First Vice President of Iran, will travel to Kampala, Uganda this Friday to participate in the 19th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Iran PressIran news: At the summit, scheduled for January 29-30, Mokhber will deliver a speech outlining Iran's positions on key international developments.

He is also expected to hold bilateral meetings with representatives from several participating countries.

This summit marks a transfer of leadership within the NAM, with Uganda taking over from the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Founded in 1961, the NAM is the world's largest grouping of states after the United Nations. Its creation reflects the Bandung principles of promoting peace, independence, and cooperation among developing nations.

With 120 member states and 17 observer countries, the NAM represents roughly two-thirds of the UN membership and 55% of the world's population.

Notably, Iran previously hosted the NAM summit in 2012, demonstrating its active role within the organization. 219