TEHRAN (IP) — Ali Bagheri, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, held a phone conversation with Hakan Fidan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, to discuss bilateral relations and the Israeli regime's crimes against the Palestinian people.

During the call, Bagheri expressed appreciation for the Turkish delegation's presence at the 19th meeting of the foreign ministers of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue in Tehran.

He acknowledged the growing utilization of the capacities of the Economic Cooperation Organization of the Eight Developing Countries (D-8), the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Bagheri stated that the threats made by the Zionist regime towards Lebanon are an extension of its brutality in Gaza, highlighting the regime's cruel nature. He emphasized that Lebanon's resistance is ready to confront these threats, ensuring that any aggression will come at a high cost for the aggressors.
Bagheri warned that just as the Israelis have been unable to restore the situation to its pre-October 7 state after nine months, they should be aware that any new mistake they make in Lebanon will lead to new regional conditions that are detrimental to the Zionists.

The Iranian diplomat also pointed out the need to expand rail transport between Iran and Turkey and emphasized that the activation of commercial and economic capacities between the two countries will provide stable security.

Hakan Fidan, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, thanked Iran for its special attention to the Palestinian issue and criticized the crimes of Israel against the people of Gaza. He stated that the Zionist regime's policy is to continue and develop tension throughout the region, which will have a deep impact on other countries in the region as well.

Fidan highlighted the importance of utilizing the capabilities of regional organizations like D-8 in addressing the Palestinian issue. He emphasized that the cooperation between Tehran and Ankara in this matter is crucial for the security and stability of the region.

The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs also stressed the importance of developing relations between the two countries, especially in rail transport.